Problem with beagle + thunderbird


I recently installed the beagle software. It works great with the files. However, I have a problem with it for searching my mails from thunderbird. The thunderbird related lines in the Log is the following. From this the problem seem be due to my non-standard profile directory. My profile is at /mnt/d/App... However the backend assumes that the profile will always be under ~/.thunderbird directory. So it prefixes the path before the profile path and creates the problem. It would be great if can solve this problem in the next release.

================= LOG ==========================

070113 1347243555 04881 Beagle DEBUG: Found 1 backends in /usr/lib/beagle/Backends/ThunderbirdBackends.dll
070113 1348256923 04881 Beagle DEBUG: Starting backend: 'Thunderbird'
070113 1348256953 04881 Beagle DEBUG: Starting Thunderbird backend
070113 1348257003 04881 Beagle WARN EX: Exception caught while executing Beagle.Daemon.ThunderbirdQueryable.ThunderbirdQueryable:Void StartWorker() 070113 1348257003 04881 Beagle WARN EX: System.IO.IOException: /home/mitra/.thunderbird//mnt/d/ApplicationData/Thunderbird/y5fms6ni.soumitra 070113 1348257003 04881 Beagle WARN EX: at Beagle.Daemon.ThunderbirdQueryable.ThunderbirdIndexer..ctor (Beagle.Daemon.ThunderbirdQueryable.ThunderbirdQueryable queryable, System.String[] root_paths) [0x00000] 070113 1348257003 04881 Beagle WARN EX: at Beagle.Daemon.ThunderbirdQueryable.ThunderbirdQueryable.StartWorker () [0x00000]

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