Re: ANNOUNCE: Beagle 0.2.15

Hi all,

D Bera wrote:
* #3286-3289 (image filters): Beagle uses F-Spot image parsers to
extract metadata from jpeg, png, tiff and other image files. This
change updates the local F-Spot files; so all the fixes that went into
F-Spot are available. Moreover, Iptc metadata is now extracted from
jpeg files.
I've noticed that some of my images disappear from beagle-search when
indexing with the new beagle version. Digging deeper I found (for the
same jpg image):

beagle-0.2.14 extracts:
  Timestamp = 2006-12-23 14:36:50 +01:00
  fixme:comment = xxxxx
  jfif:Comment = xxxxx

whereas beagle-0.2.15 extracts:
  Timestamp = 2006-12-23 14:36:50 +01:00
  fixme:comment = yyyyy
  iptc:caption = yyyyy
  iptc:keyword = zzzzz

I don't care about the iptc stuff but I'm wondering why beagle extracts
different "fixme:comment" from the same image ? And why does the "jfif:
Comment" isn't extracted anymore at all ?

The "fixme:comment = xxxxx" which was still extracted by beagle-0.2.14
was added with "jhead -cl ..." by myself and contains the keyword(s) I
was searching for. Now they are just gone from beagle-search... this is
an obvious setback.

A feature ? A bug ? Anybody out there with an explanation ?

Thanks and kind regards,

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