Re: Wasabi Dbus Search Standard


Kevin Kubasik wrote:
Hey all, just thought we should discuss this new standard thats being
cooked up at fdo, theres not a real start page, but you can get to most
of the stuff through this page

I've been involved with the discussions on the list.

In general I think we should look at getting a dbus system in place

I would like to see this done as an adapter, using the new dbus-sharp managed API.

as it seems that the major sticking point with the larger
distros/projects is the dependence of a core technology (like
gtkfilechooser) having to load a beagle lib.

I really haven't seen this as a major sticking point at all. For gtkfilechooser, the problem was a dependency loop between libbeagle and GTK+. Simply moving libbeagle out of the beagle tarball into its own release would fix this; right now we have to do nasty dlopen() tricks in the search backend.


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