Re: MS Word (.doc) processing moved out of process

Joe Shaw wrote:

Debajyoti Bera wrote:
Well, to be specific, now the bad word files would not "crash" beagle anymore. If wv crashes, then it would crash the beagle-doc-extractor tool which runs outside of beagle. However, that means your doc file text won't get indexed :-(.


There are doc2text tools out there which can successfully extract text out of docs for which wv crashes - if you are using any of them in your external filter you might want to continue using them.

What are the tools? We might want to just use them instead of our own beagle-doc-extractor if they're more reliable.


wv should be pretty reliable - if it's not, bug reports are _very much_ appreciated because the code is used all over the place, including (dear to my heart) AbiWord, and it shouldn't crash. Sample documents are greatly appreciated.


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