Re: SIGABRT when building a very large static index

On Monday 15 January 2007 15:39, you wrote:
> True - I was just adding some more detail to the problem I encountered
> really.  I'm not sure if it was a lack of tmp space that caused the
> problem but that info might help the dev team reproduce it.
That's fine, I just wanted to stress that this is a bug and should be reported 
and fixed. Your:
> I'm freeing up a significantly larger space to use as tmp and will try
> again.
just gave the impression that the problem is 'solved' if beagle survives as 
long as enough temp space is available.


PS: Please resend your previous mail to the list as well.
Florian Hackenberger
student @
University of Technology
Graz, Austria
florian hackenberger at

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