Re: Beagle with Samba Share


On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 16:59 +0000, Stringer Leon (West Midlands
Ambulance Service NHS Trust) wrote:
> 070112 1650069547 03475 Beagle DEBUG: Starting QueryDriver
> 070112 1656245326 03475 Beagle DEBUG: Parsed query 'logbook' as text_query

What's odd is that there isn't any output after the "Starting
QueryDriver" line.  You should be seeing things like:

Debug: Found index helper at /usr/lib/beagle/beagled-index-helper
Debug: Found 2 backends in /usr/lib/beagle/Backends/EvolutionBackends.dll
Debug: Guessing for location of KMail folders ... found at /home/joe/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail
Debug: Starting Inotify Backend
Debug: KonqCacheDir: /var/tmp/kdecache-joe/http
Debug: Found 14 backends in /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemonLib.dll

So that is a little odd.

Could you try running again (without ~/.beagle or /tmp/beagle-* dirs)
like so:

        beagled --fg --debug --backend Files
so that it's only run with the file system backend?  If that has the
same outcome, try setting up a little sandbox in a non-Samba location,
like /tmp.  Create /tmp/sandbox and copy a few files in there, then run:
        BEAGLE_HOME=/tmp/sandbox beagled --fg --debug --backend Files
And see if it gets any farther.


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