Re: D-Bus


I just added some of the points that have been brought up by joe and
linked to some of the fdo stuff so people get a better idea.

Didn't really read the Soc ideas before chatting and i mainly assumed
beagle would be using dbus anyway (never looked into the ipc stuff).
This wasabi project sounds really cool. It's nice to walk around for a
day with an idea in your head and then find out people have had the idea
before and they are writing the spec just at that moment :)


Am Sonntag, den 18.02.2007, 12:24 -0500 schrieb Kevin Kubasik:
> Sorry, thats my doing, just threw it up there as an idea, not really
> solidified in any way.
> On Sun, 2007-02-18 at 12:17 -0500, Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > > > Maybe that could be something for SoC as well...
> > 
> > This is already enlisted in 2007 Soc project ideas and afaik, is still up for 
> > adoption.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > - dBera
> > 
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