Re: D-Bus


Max Wiehle wrote:
So. I feel there would be quite some need for a standart interface to
search and metadata engines (be they beagle or tracker or whatever) so
there would not be a need to reproduce all the nice integration stuff. I think dbus would fit quite well in there because afaik it's now quite
stable and independent of programming languages etc.

This is basically the idea behind Wasabi:

Are there any plans for that? I'd really love to see more stuff like the
example above with beagle or for that matter beagle integration used for
tracker. I think both engines have their strength and weaknesses and
interesting different approaches. So from a users point of view i'd like
to be able to choose my search backend without worrying about desktop
Maybe that could be something for SoC as well...

Yeah, I would love to see this implemented initially as an external adapter which basically translated Wasabi stuff into Beagle calls and vice versa (in C#). That way we can see how suitable the spec is in terms of user experience, and it'll give us an idea if D-Bus is suitable for this type of use. (Two years ago when we were last using D-Bus, it wasn't.)


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