Re: Beagle search on selected files

I chose 2b option or patch beagle search system

When I finished, I will report the "experience" :)

Thanks for all

El jue, 15-02-2007 a las 13:21 -0500, Joe Shaw escribió:

Daniel Fernández wrote:
> Example: I want to search "people" on files "file:///home/user/doc1.doc" 
> and "file:///home/user/doc2.doc" but are indexed all /home/user

Ok, yeah, you basically have three and a half options:

1. Run your query, get as many results as possible and filter in the 
query as much as possible, and then filter out the results afterward. 
For example: "beagle-query --type File --max-hits 10000 people" and then 
take the intersection of the results and your set of files.

2a. Build a complex query using beagle-query which is basically "people 
file1 OR file2 OR file3 OR etc."  I suspect this will have terrible 
performance -- programatically building queries with query parsers is 
always a bad idea.

2b. Write a small tool to use the Beagle programmatic APIs to build the 
same query.  This will probably perform better but it'll still be slow 
if you're searching for hundreds of files.

3. Build a static index like Bera said and search against those.  If 
you're going to be doing very similar queries a lot, this might be the 
most efficient in the long term, although you pay the penalty of 
building the index up front.


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