Re: Beagle search on selected files

El jue, 15-02-2007 a las 10:40 -0500, Debajyoti Bera escribió:
> Example: I want to search "people" on files "file:///home/user/doc1.doc"
> and "file:///home/user/doc2.doc" but are indexed all /home/user

If it is a small number of files, then you can do
people "doc2.doc" OR "doc1.doc" (mind the quotes). This will also return files 
which contains the phrase "doc1.doc" or "doc2.doc".

It was hundreds of files :(

If its a large number of files, then I cannot think of any direct way of doing 
it. You can achieve that by storing them in a separate directory, creating a 
separate index for them by beagle-build-index and querying in that index.

Yes, but it take a lot of time :(

- dBera


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