Re: IndexHelper eating cpu

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 10:05 -0500, Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> You can send SIGUSR2 to the index-helper to figure out what file is being 
> currently indexed.

20070209 12:20:16.2676 14175 IndexH  WARN: Handling signal 12 (SIGUSR2)
20070209 12:20:16.2718 14175 IndexH  WARN: Filtering status (11h58m41s ago): determining filter for file:///data/jennifer_pc/c.bak/Program Files/icq/AteBrowser/96201529/cache/icq82F7.TMP

>  Also, what program is 31822 - as reported by ps ?

Strangely enough, that is not in the process table, it is in /proc/

$ cat /proc/31822/cmdline 

> 1. What file is this: /data/jennifer_pc/c.bak/Program 
> Files/icq/AteBrowser/96201529/cache/icq82F7.TMP ?

Dunno other than what is obvious from the path name.  Some kind of icq
file on windows.

> Could you run beagle-extract-content on this ? What type of file it is and 
> what type of file does beagle-extract-content think it is ?

$ beagle-extract-content /data/jennifer_pc/c.bak/Program\ Files/icq/AteBrowser/96201529/cache/icq82F7.TMP
Filename: file:///data/jennifer_pc/c.bak/Program Files/icq/AteBrowser/96201529/cache/icq82F7.TMP
Debug: Loaded 53 filters from /usr/lib/beagle/Filters/Filters.dll

and there she sits, gobbling up CPU.  It's interruptable but doesn't
seem to ever return.  I guess this is the culprit.

> 2. None of the exceptions would cause the CPU problem.



My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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