Re: IndexHelper eating cpu

> The last few exceptions in
> ~/.beagle/Log/2007-02-08-22-09-18-IndexHelperExceptions are:
> 20070209 00:18:31.8029 14175 IndexH  WARN EX: Unable to filter
> /data/jennifer_pc/c/WINDOWS/Temporary Internet
> Files/Content.IE5/MP6FSL4V/actsetup[1].tgz: 20070209 00:18:31.8029 14175
> IndexH  WARN EX: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.GZip.GZipException: Error
> baseInputStream GZIP header, first byte doesn't match 20070209
> Interestingly enough that last file (to just choose one):
> /data/jennifer_pc/c/WINDOWS/Temporary Internet
> Files/Content.IE5/MUSGC9PL/identcdm[1].tgz
> is not in fact a compressed tarball but rather an MS Cabinet file:
> $ file "/data/jennifer_pc/c/WINDOWS/Temporary Internet
> Files/Content.IE5/MUSGC9PL/identcdm[1].tgz"
> /data/jennifer_pc/c/WINDOWS/Temporary Internet
> Files/Content.IE5/MUSGC9PL/identcdm[1].tgz: Microsoft Cabinet archive data,
> 232 bytes, 1 file
> Not sure what else I can tell you.  I will leave the process spinning
> for a little while in case there is anything further I can report on.

You can send SIGUSR2 to the index-helper to figure out what file is being 
currently indexed. Also, what program is 31822 - as reported by ps ? Other 
than that there is not much to gain by letting it run.

1. What file is this: /data/jennifer_pc/c.bak/Program 
Files/icq/AteBrowser/96201529/cache/icq82F7.TMP ?

Could you run beagle-extract-content on this ? What type of file it is and 
what type of file does beagle-extract-content think it is ?

2. None of the exceptions would cause the CPU problem. One of them is a jpeg 
which the jpeg filter thinks is invalid and the others are archive filter 
errors. There are several bugs in SharpZLib. They fail to recognize a lot of 
valid archives.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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