Re: beagle with Thunderbird: Howto?


On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 10:49 +0100, Andreas Demmer wrote:
> Adding Firefox to beagle was easy, I just installed the 
> Firefox-Beagle-Addon as xpi. I have not found any Thunderbird-Addon for 
> beagle. There is a Thunderbird backend for beagle in my channels, but I 
> don't want to replace my Thunderbird which is required for this.

The Firefox and Thunderbird approaches are very different.  The Firefox
extension indexes as you view web pages, and is pretty much separate
from the core of Beagle.

The Thunderbird backend plugs into the core of Beagle and indexes emails
regardless of whether or not Thunderbird is running.  The obvious
advantage here is that if you have 20,000 emails, you don't have to go
through viewing them one by one for Beagle to index them.

I am guessing that you're trying to install the Beagle Thunderbird
backend from a package, and that wants to bring in a real Thunderbird
package as a dependency?  There are all kinds of different ways to get
around dependencies, just search Google for how.  That said, I have no
idea if the Beagle backend will work with a TB installed by hand.

> Any chance bringing my Thunderbird and beagle together? I am seriously 
> thinking about adapting the Firefox Plugin for Thunderbird if there is 
> no solution available...

I have no idea how much work this would take, but I am almost sure it
would be more work than just working around any package dependency
issues you hit.

That said, the Thunderbird backend has problems (mainly with regards to
memory usage) and so a Thunderbird extension could be a useful temporary
solution until a fixed TB backend came along.


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