Re: FilterCompressedFiles


On 2/4/07, Debajyoti Bera wrote:
> Will be interesting to create a filter that reads a configuration file
> that, and apply the filter to the mimetypes included in the config,
> extracting the information using the command-line tools and regular
> expressions described in the config?

Upon second thoughts, if FilterCompressedFiles does not do anything other than
extracting names and paths, then it can be already done using External
Filter. e.g. I use the following configuration to index the names of my rar
archives (requires the rar executable from

  <arguments>lb %s</arguments>

I am sure similar thing can be done with the other unsupported archive
formats. A separate filter would only make sense if it can extract
interesting properties of the archive or extract the archive contents.

Oh, that's exactly what is my question about. I didn't know anything
about the existence of FilterExternal.cs.

Now I see that FilterExternal is the correct way to implement this
kind of filters.

But I will improve it a bit adding a small support for regular
expressions, That will permit us to create a more powerful filter
without using a line of shell code to remove the unwanted data.


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