Re: ANNOUNCE: Beagle 0.3.2

On 28/12/2007, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> I have a meeting with my advisor Friday afternoon ... so I will not
> have time before Friday evening to post the release. Feel free to make
> more changes if you need to.

I'm pretty much done with the changes required.

> About the query structure, I will ping/im/mail you; do you want to
> make the changes in 0.2 itself ?

The query changes can be put off for the next release. Basically,
while parsing queries, we might encounter OR clauses (which are fine)
and AND clauses (which, I guess, are not) both of which might even be
nested (definitely not supported). Joe and I spoke about it while I
was first implementing the parser and decided to worry about this

Right now, I'm parsing Xesam queries and translating them to text
searches when I should be using QueryParts. I think we might need to
extend QueryParts and the mapping to Lucene Queries to support this,
though I'm not sure if this is the correct approach.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Happy Holidays to all!
Arun Raghavan

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