Re: beagle problem

> > Oh ... beagle-search explicitly excludes documentation index while
> searching.
> > The documentation index is used by yelp (gnome help browser). Apparently
> > documentation results in beagle-search was confusing users and so it was
> > blacklisted from general search.
> I'm now of the mind that we should probably re-enable documentation as
> a separate category in the search.  The UI can handle it reasonably
> well, whereas Best definitely could not.

I tried to enable the search-documentation-by-default in beagle-search
but finally had to keep it disabled in 0.3.2 for to two reasons:

1) Documentation results are shown in the "Documents" category in
beagle-search which does not look right.

2) The docbook files have no information about which language they are
in. As a result searching for something returns multiple hits for the
same documentation, one for each language. And they are all displayed
with the same title in beagle-search. E.g. searching for nautilus
returned 4 or 5 results titled "nautilus" - there is no way to know
which one of them is the English one without opening them one by one.
Unless there is any way to infer the langauage from the docbook xml or
the support for deducing language from text is completed, seaching
documentation might have to remain disabled by default.

However, I added a --search-docs option to beagle-search which will
turn on searching the documentation index. By default, its turned off.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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