Re: what to do with a new translation


I have never used svn, and I'm getting a bit messed up trying to use it now.

I'll gladly accept your offer.

I attached the translation to this message.

I'll give another try to svn, but it'll be another day (after some sleep and coffee)

thank you very much

On 8/20/07, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:
Hi Mikel,

On 8/19/07, mikel paskual <mikel paskual gmail com> wrote:
> I've translated beagle to basque (eu). It's already available for ubuntu
> user via launchpad, but I'd like to make it available to anyone.
> so, where should I go?

Can you point me to the translation?  I can check it in.

If you're interested in maintaining it on an ongoing basis, you can
apply for a GNOME account and commit changes directly to the


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