Re: Moving Deskbar's beagle handler to beagle itsself

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> dont see why it makes a difference. Users using beagle will not
>necessarily use deskbar (and hence beagle live handler). Similarly, the
>handler will not have similar releases or changes as frequently as
>beagle. So, even if it was hosted under /svn/beagle, it would make more
>sense to store it outside of /trunk/beagle (like libbeagle is stored at
>/trunk/libbeagle). It would still need to be maintained by someone with
>deskbar knowledge.
>Plugins binaries are always distributed separately from the main
> Does it really matter where the source is ?

You're right, it isn't guaranteed that each beagle user uses deskbar as
well, but he has at least the option. Because Deskbar is part of gnome
it should be installed by default in most distros. Therefore, I think it
makes more sense to ship the plugin with beagle because it's useless
without it.

How often you change/release the beagle-live handler is your decision,
of course. Obviously, you have better knownledge when something changes
in beagle that affects the deskbar handler. We on the other hand, come
to know the changes if someone files a bug report.

What we want to achieve is to decrease the amount of time we spend on
fixing bugs in handlers. I know that your time is rare, too, but that's
why I'm asking kindly.

I don't know if it matters, but the tracker folks do maintain their
handler themselves.

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Sebastian Pölsterl
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