Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing


On 8/6/07, Pierre Östlund <pierre ostlund gmail com> wrote:
> We explicitly need the Thunderbird development files for this as they are
> the only one containing the Thunderbird specific files I need. I honestly
> don't know how the -dev files relate to Thunderbird and how you create a
> package with these files though. It's mainly the xpidl tool used to compile
> XPCOM component interfaces and all .idl files that are needed. But we might
> have to dig deeper to figure this one out though.

After I sent the original email I just changed
"mozilla-thunderbird-xpcom" in the to "xulrunner-xpcom"
and things built and ran fine.  So I think that the IDL files needed
aren't necessarily Thunderbird-specific, they'll work against any
Mozilla-based product.  How much those interfaces change between
products and between versions, I have no idea.

Do you know specifically what IDL files are required?  Or is it just
the xpidl tool?


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