Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing


On 8/6/07, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:

Fantastic job Pierre!

Thank you :-)

One question, though:

On 8/6/07, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> You will need the Thunderbird development files (usually
> called [mozilla-]thunderbird-dev in most distributions) to build the
> extension.

What is required from Thunderbird for this?  I don't think we ship any
sort of devel package for Thunderbird on SUSE, so I am trying to
figure out exactly what the dependency is, and whether or not we could
use it from xulrunner or Firefox.

We explicitly need the Thunderbird development files for this as they are the only one containing the Thunderbird specific files I need. I honestly don't know how the -dev files relate to Thunderbird and how you create a package with these files though. It's mainly the xpidl tool used to compile XPCOM component interfaces and all .idl files that are needed. But we might have to dig deeper to figure this one out though.


Pierre Östlund

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