Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

Another week has passed and it's time for yet another report. The past week has treated me pretty well and I managed to implement most of the things I scheduled to do. Here's a summary:
* Main loop now only runs when necessary
* beagle-search can now open data indexed by Thunderbird (using Thunderbird of course)
* The preference dialog displays the five upcoming folders to index (as a community request)
* A lot of bug fixes (better queue management, make clean works now works in thunderbird-extension, panes are displayed in the correct order in the preference dialog, etc.)

Basically what's left is to fix bugs and make sure it works for everybody. Fixing the "remove folder from index" issue still stands and I'm not really sure on how fix this. I'd be happy to explain it further in case anyone with more lucene knowledge is ready to help out (it's mainly lucene related).


Pierre Östlund

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