GSoC Weekly Report (Thundebird backend rewrite)


Time for my first weekly summer of code report. Here's a summary of what I've been working on so far:
* Reviewed my old Thunderbird code
* Cleared some question marks by studying some of the Thunderbird source code
* Begun the work on the core framework that I will base the backend upon (based on the review of my old code and Thunderbird source code study)
* Made some regression tests
* Written documentation

My ambitions for next week:
* Work on the framework and continue documenting it
* Write more regression tests

By "core framework" above, I mean a draft of all classes that I will need to implement the backend, the entire structure of these (methods, properties etc.) and the behavior of the each class. The core part (which will later live in the utility part of beagle) is almost complete, I'm currently writing documentation for it. I have found the documentation part extremely useful, it lets me fix all small design flaws that I originally did not see. It will (hopefully) also make it easier for you guys to see and understand what I'm working on.

Other things that might be interesting to know is that I've decided to use NUnit as my framework for writing regression tests. It contains what i need, is simple to use and integrates well with monodevelop, which is my primary IDE. I'm using monodocer to generate XML-documentation and monodoc to edit it, for the ones interested (I'm _not_ using inline XML, as a lot of people does not like this), and I will link to an HTML version of the documentation on my blog once I'm done.

I hope to finish the core framework by next week so that I can publish it and hopefully get some input on it before I go on and write any code. More on this in next weeks report and on my blog.


Pierre Östlund

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