Beagle in the Summer of Code


It's my pleasure to announce the chosen Beagle projects for this
year's Google Summer of Code program!

* A Xesam-based D-Bus interface for Beagle - Arun Raghavan
* Thunderbird backend rewrite - Pierre Östlund
* Browser Extension Rewrite for beagle - Tao Fei

You can read the abstracts for these projects here:

We had 30 applications to Beagle this year, and with only 3 slots to
fill choosing the projects was very difficult.  We had good
applications ranging from additional metadata and semantic search to
adding support for Sylpheed-Claws and Opera M2 support to dashboard
and many more clever ideas.  Unlike last year, where we had great,
fairly experimental projects, this year we wanted to focus on solving
some concrete issues that Beagle users are facing right now, and the
projects chosen reflect that.

I'll be sending out emails to the students soon, but given the smaller
number of projects and my desire to get the community more involved, I
think that discussions, status reports, etc. should probably take
place as much as possible here on the dashboard-hackers list rather
than in a separate mailing list or via private email.

I'll also be updating the wiki for these projects.

I look forward to a fun and exciting summer!


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