Re: beagle implementation in C

> Dudes, April Fools joke! :-D
Thanks Lukas :)

Don't say I didn't give a hint.
> > ... by 06/31/07...

> > >       Recently there has been an increase of beagle memory related and
> > crash bugs.
> > > It is increasingly getting difficult to fix such bugs so I (we?) have
> > decided
> > > to re-implement beagle in C. That will allow us to do precise memory
> > > allocation and de-allocation leading to better memory behaviour. Also,
> > we
> > > will be able to debug using good old gdb.

I hate to reveal that I have no plans to implement beagle in C. The problems 
mentioned above indeed exist, and throw in it some recent index purging bug, 
beagle looping bug and more crazy bugs. But all of them has to do with 
shortcomings in beagle itself. I would be happy if I could close some bugs 
saying "Bug in mono, bother them!" - but that "seldom" happens.

If beagle was just a re-write of "locate" that traversed the filesystem and 
stored data in lucene, then probably there would not be all these problems. 
Beagle is much more than that. Thanks to your awesome support and reports, we 
are getting better each day. beagle 0.3.0 is progressing nicely, it comes 
with better memory management, cleaner code and exciting new features. (this 
one's not a joke :-).

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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