Indexing compressed files

	Newbie beagler here.  I have to apologise in advance, I tried to search the 
mailing list archives, but it is broken at the moment, so I can't!  My 
question maybe obvious, but neverless important to me - quite simply beagle 
(that is the version supplied with suse 10.1) seems to ignore compressed 
files, specifically bzip2 files.  I have many *.pdf.bz2, *.ppt.bz2, *.doc.bz2 
files in my vast (50Gb) archive that I'm really quite keen on indexing. 
 I see no search hits on anything compressed with bzip2!  I have run beagled 
the the ENV variable to run at full speed, and beagled seems to have finished 

Should beagle handle bzip2 compressed media?  How can I make it do this ? do I 
need to write my own filters for each type of file?

Please help!


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