Re: Thunderbird not indexed beagle 0.2.9

Joe Shaw wrote:

On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 16:44 +0700, David Tremblay wrote:
It seems that even if I have the thunderbird backend, I can't search in
it obvious keywords don't give anything.

Is data being indexed?  Take a look at beagle-index-info and see how
many documents are in the Thunderbird backend.

I'm running beagle 0.2.9,

There were a handful of fixes to the Thunderbird backend in 0.2.10, so
you might want to try that as well.


I'm running 0.2.10 (from Debian) and am having this exact same problem - backend is there but searches all come up blank. Here's the relevant output from beagle-index-info:

Name: Thunderbird
Count: 4
Indexing: False

What I haven't done is try reindexing after the upgrade to 0.2.10. Is that worth doing?


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