Thunderbird not indexed beagle 0.2.9


It seems that even if I have the thunderbird backend, I can't search in
it obvious keywords don't give anything.

beagled --list-backends
Current available backends:
 - EvolutionDataServer
 - EvolutionMail
 - Thunderbird

Beagle seems to work at the thunderbird mail because beagle-status give
me the following :

Maintenance 0 (28/09/2006 16:19:41)
Optimize ThunderbirdIndex
Hold until 29/09/2006 15:47:25

I'm running beagle 0.2.9,

I've been browsing the archive for sometime now and can't find why the
result don't show up...

David Tremblay

Information Technology for development analyst
Legal reform assistance project
Oxfam Québec

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SIP  : 1-747-004-8537
skype : ict4ngo

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