Re: dos executables excluded from index?

good morning,

thanks for the tips. didn't know that searching for wildcards is possible. i'll try when i'm at home again.

and thanks also for the tip with gmime, i'll change :)

have a nice day

Joe Shaw wrote:

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 23:02 +0200, Andreas Heinz wrote:
i used the ui and searched for

"windows xp"
"win xp sp"
"win k sp 2"

this was all i remembered and if you see the filename this should have been enough.

The name of the file was:

The reason why your search didn't work was because the name of the file
is "WindowsXP".  From an analysis standpoint, that is a single word
which stems down to "windowsxp", which is not the same was "windows xp".
And even if it were two words, it wouldn't stem down to "win", it would
stem down to "window", which is why the two later searches wouldn't
work.  The analyzer isn't backed by a dictionary, so there are no
special cases (windows -> win, for example) with the exception of stop
words (a, the, an, of, etc.).

To get this, you'll have to either rename the file to add a space,
hyphen, or underscore between "Windows" and "XP", or you'll have to
alter your search to be "windowsxp" or "windows*" or "win*".

i used beagle 0.2.9 on ubuntu, build from source.
this evening i tried to build 0.2.10 but had to build gmime-sharp 2.2.0 myself, since ubuntus version is only 2.1.19.

The change is actually artificial, because I didn't want to depend on
software listed as "unstable".  (GMime follows the kernel versioning
scheme.)  You can change the requirement in the "" back down
to 2.1.19 if you want and run "autoreconf" and rebuild.


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