Re: RoadMap for next Beagle releases

On Thu, September 21, 2006 6:51 am, Joel Mandell wrote:
> Do you understand what I mean?

How about a basic use case of what you mean.  Nice simple step by step
from the end user.  I have been kicking around and idea with the voices in
my head about the idea of dbus/beagle integration with something like:

If the music player is open or an music device is plugged in beagle
prioritizes music files in results.

I am not sure if this is a dashboard or beagle issue and I have only
talked to the voices so I am not proposing it but I am unclear on your
concept so a simple use cas would be cool.


> Yeah I know that there exists those Virtual Folder things. But I meant
something like that but with tagging instead of rather quering from the
> What I meant was that tagging files to their specific mime-types makes
it easy to get all files of a specific mime-type. Isn't there some kind
of "limit" on how much results you will recieve when querying the
daemon? If beagle while it index files and finds a file, tags it to
their specific mime-type...

> Yeah and I know all those stuff you mentioned there was a
misunderstanding here.
> -Jm
> 2006/9/21, D Bera <dbera web gmail com>:
>> > What about tagging files by their mime/type - something like a
virtual folder for their specific mime type?
>> >
>> > With this then it would be easy to load all your mp3/ogg files(for
example) in your musicplayer.
>> Beagle already provides the tools/API for that. Its best if it is
handled by some related project and beagle continues what it does best,
indexing and searching. If you want virtual search folders, try Robert
Love's BeagleFS (a beagle based Fuse FS) - does what you want and does
pretty good. Moreover, its DE independent. If you want DE dependent
solutions, you can use beagle kio-slave in konq to create virtual
folders and I think nautilus file-selector has some kind of beagle
virtual folder support.
>> - dBera
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