Re: RoadMap for next Beagle releases


Joel Mandell wrote:
Yeah I know that there exists those Virtual Folder things. But I meant
something like that but with tagging instead of rather quering from
the beagle-daemon.

What I meant was that tagging files to their specific mime-types makes
it easy to get all files of a specific mime-type.

Tagging makes sense, and it's something I'd like to add. But it's not necessary to tag files with their mime type; it already has that information and it's already easy to get all the files for a specific mime type. Although you can't do it in the beagle-search tool, you can query for all files with the audio/mp3 mime type and get back all the results.

Isn't there some kind of "limit" on how much results you will recieve
when querying the daemon?

By default results are limited to 100, but you can change this in your code. This exists because (a) it helps performance and (b) in most cases more than 100 hits is not useful.

If beagle while it index files and finds a file, tags it to their
specific mime-type...

Yes, it already does this.


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