Sqlite Bindings Update

Hey, I know its been a while since we looked at them, but our sqlite
bindings might be getting a little out of date, more importantly I was
checking around the mono svn, and saw this commit note. 

2006-08-20  Joshua Tauberer  <jt occams info>

    * SqliteConnection.cs: Changed Version property (which is
      read-only) from internal to public so users can know
      which version of Sqlite was actually connected to.

Meaning we could support multiple versions of sqlite at the same time,
which isn't an issue internally (not a serious one at least) but
externally, when we access things like the f-spot database. That may be
a different version of sqlite (happened to me). We could hypothetically
handle this if we know the db version ahead of time right? 

I dunno, just throwing it out there, I'll get a diff against the svn
head and play with it some, but let me know what were thinking about
some of this. 

Kevin Kubasik

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