Re: New refractoring broke something

Update, I just checked in a fix for this, we forgot QueryExecutor in an
AssemblyInfo.cs, and didn't have the namespacing right for the 'Query'
class we wanted.

If anyone's still curious:

Kevin Kubasik

On Wed, 2006-10-25 at 20:11 -0400, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> I'm gonna assume this probably isn't on my side, but who knows? Either
> way, let me know if anyone else can confirm, if its an issue, into
> bugzilla it goes. But it would be an odd one to get through.
> beagle-search test
> Debug: Creating a ResponseMessageException from an ErrorResponse
> Unhandled Exception: Beagle.ResponseMessageException: No handler
> available for Beagle.Query

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