Re: old-style gaim logs

Hi Brian,

On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 08:09 -0400, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> It seems that beagle does not index old-style Gaim logs properly and
> hits return from them as being "today".  An "old-style" log is a single
> log per "budy" which lives in ~/.gaim/logs/<buddy-id>.log.  It is an
> HTML format such as the following:

We previously had support for old-style Gaim logs, but we removed the
support a while back when the Gaim backend/filter was rewritten because
we couldn't find many people with those logs.

> Any chance of modifying the backend for Gaim to properly parse these
> older-style formats?  Any chance that it will find already (wrongly)
> indexed old-style log files and re-index them?

Those logs are a completely different format than the newer Gaim log
files, and quite a bit harder to parse and extract useful information
from.  It's essentially the same as adding support for a totally new IM
or IRC client.

That said, it certainly is possible to do it and we'd happily take a
patch to add it, but I personally don't have plans to do them, sadly.  I
need several more hours in the day. :(


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