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While I love the enthusiasm, beagle still is a little to raw for me to
think were at _that_ level of 100% plug and play. Personally, I think
were getting closer, but there is still a lot of work before the dev
team would put such a stamp on it. But there is also a major difference
between a distro saying an application works and the dev team. Its great
that under forsight, beagle has minimal issues, but there are thousands
of possible configurations out there, and success on one set of them
does not mean all cases.

That being said, I'm really psyched that it works with such success on

As to the 0.3 question, theres  nothing at the moment, so this is
probably a 'wait-for-joe-to-weigh-in' type thing. But if I were to
guess, the showstoppers would be:
- - Unified Indexies
- - SoC Merges
- - Timestamp cleanup in API
With other memory reductions and stability issues also obviously being
fixed. But wait for Joe before taking anything I said to heart ;)

Kevin Kubasik
- -

Ken VanDine wrote:
> I do think it is ready for plug and play.  In Foresight, we have it
> setup to run automatically.  The user doesn't have to do anything.  We
> do also keep it very current, we always get new versions cooked up the
> same day beagle releases.  It has really worked pretty well for most
> people for some time now.  Most folks don't even understand beagle.
> They just know they pop open that search tool or type in some text in
> the deskbar applet and it does the right thing.  The user doesn't really
> know it is beagle doing the work.  They have have a great search tool.
> That is the way it should be, imho.
> --Ken
> On Sun, 2006-11-12 at 20:59 -0500, D Bera wrote:
>> Hi
>>> beagle in Foresight for well over a year now.  The great news is for
>>>> quite a while now there haven't been any users asking "What is this
>>>> beagled thing and why does it use all my memory?".
>> Only if you dont do the rounds of distro bugzilla and newbie forums.
>> Those places are full of beagle eating CPU and memory problems (some
>> of them are due to some old buggy version of beagle that hasnt been
>> updated in the distros). I dont think beagle is newbie ready i.e.
>> plug-and-play yet.
>>> Especially with the most recent release, and the upcoming changes, which
>>> is why I think its worth talking about. Using some of the practice
>>> mentioned here:
>>> I run beagle (with the thunderbird backend and about 10.000 mails) at
>>> about 45 MB resident for the master process and
>>> Debug: Helper Size: VmRSS=34.2 MB, size=3.55, 63.7
>>> its not perfect, but its certainly far more passive then before, and
>>> without the tbird backend, its significantly better.
>> Kevin, I had a brief glance at the thunderbird backend. I didnt see
>> any obvious place which takes a lot of memory. If the concern is the
>> ReadToEnd() in the mork parser, then you can try to replace the huge
>> content string with a StreamAsArray type implementation. I replaced
>> one ReadToEnd() in the html filter in a similar way, check
>> Filters/HtmlAgilityPack/HtmlDocument.cs - it contains the
>> implementation. Might be useful.
>> - dBera
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