Re: Contacts not indexed

Dnia 07-11-2006, wto o godzinie 15:19 -0500, Joe Shaw napisał(a):

> Can you delete your ~/.beagle/Indexes/EvolutionDataServerIndex
> directory, and then run beagled with the "--debug --allow-backend
> evolutiondataserver" command-line args and file a bug?

The result is that all contacts where indexed...

[Sorry for my bad debugging skills]

So I deleted the directory again and started beagled as I always do
(beagled --backend -Kopete --backend -KonquerorHistory --backend -KMail
--backend -Thunderbird --backend -GaimLog --backend -Blam --backend
-Akregator --backend -KNotes --backend -KAddressBook --backend

No contacts were indexed at first, but I wanted to take a look into
EvolutionDataServer directory if there were any files: there were and
they were not empty, so I opened one (well... F3 in mc...). And suddenly
all contacts appeared as indexed (seems like a coincidence). After I
deleted EvolutionDataServer again and restarted beagled, all contacts
were indexed. 

Because my initial indexing was done with exercise the dog, I tried this
one too: all contacts were indexed fine. 

I feel like proving Murphy's law - as I'm pretty sure that I had this
problem with 0.2.11 I tried earlier (I had no time to investigate it
then, but because it returned with 0.2.12 I decided to report it), and
as soon as I wrote to the list, it went away. 

I'm not sure if it's worth a bug report in this case. I can't reproduce
the problem anymore. 


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