Re: Epiphany Extention Conf [Patch]


On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 10:22:16AM -0500, Joe Shaw wrote:

> In my mind, the bigger issue surrounding the indexing of pages right now
> is that they're never expired.  That's the most pressing need right now,
> IMO.

IMHO this is an important feature. Sometimes I remember having read
something but do not know where. I have more chances to find it with
beagle than in any other search engine. So I hate to delete my whole
beagle index. At least make the expiring configurable (i.e. provide an
option to switch it off).


"Multiple exclamationmarks" he said, shaking his head,
"A sure sign for a deseased mind." -- Terry Pratchett in "Eric"

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