Re: Using Monodevelop for Beagle


On Wed, 2006-07-12 at 12:14 -0400, Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> Hey, I just right clicked on the 'References' icon under the solutions
> tab on the left hand sidebar. I added the beagle assemblies
> (BeagleDaemonLib.dll Beagle.dll etc. ) and some of the other *-sharp
> (like evolution-sharp) assemblies to make autocompletition more
> robust. The only thing I don't use Monodevelop for is the actual
> building of code, I still use autotools, but as a uber text editior,
> it does a pretty good job. Once the Svn migration is complete,
> monodevelop becomes even more attractive with integrated svn stuff in
> form of a plugin.

After GUADEC I took a look at using Monodevelop as well, and I think
that Kevin's approach is the best one.  I don't want to replace our
existing (complex) build system with another, much narrower and
inexperienced build system.  That last thing I want is to force people
into using MonoDevelop, or maintain parallel build systems.

So, what I think the right thing would be to hack MonoDevelop to allow
it to do some very simple stuff.  For example, doing a build should just
run "make" and parse the output.  Hitting run in the IDE should run the
right script with arguments (that are configured by hand).

Without this, pulling in the files and assemblies like Kevin says and
just doing building and running outside is probably the right way to go.
If there were a project file or something to check in which would make
this simpler would be nice.


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