Using Monodevelop for Beagle


We have been talking during GUADEC about starting to use monodev more -
right now nothing will happen until the GNOME switches from cvs to svn.
This is planned for next weekend - afaik. 
Kevin Kubasik however told me he already uses MonoDevelop to work on
Beagle. I tried it myself and i liked the possibilities of directly
jumping to a classes definition wherever it appeared. Autocompletion is
also quite helpful sometimes. So for who ever wants to try it i wrote
down how i got the cvs code into monodevelop - i just played with it for
some time so i'd be curious to know about other experiences.

Importing the CVS stuff into monodevelop has been pretty easy:
- Start up monodev and create a new project / solution - GTK# 2.0
Project is the best i think.
- In order to make the import as easy as possible only copy the .cs
files to the new Project directory. This can be achieved by:
cd [beagle-directory]
tar -cvzf beagle-cs.tgz `find -name *.cs`
cp beagle-cs.tgz ~/Projects/beagle
cd ~/Projects/beagle
tar -xvzf beagle-cs.tgz

This way all folders that contain .cs files are packed with those files
into a tarball and then extracted - i don't know how to do this directly
without tar. But it worked fine for me this way.

- Find the "Solution" Tab and right click the Projects Icon. Select Add
- Add All .cs files to the solution. Use Shift+Click to select
continuous selections and Ctrl+Click for single items. This should be
pretty fast because only .cs files should be in the subdirectorys.
- Paths will be added automatically once you add the files inside them.
- Now you can copy the rest of the beagle source:
cp -r [beagle-directory] [project-directory]

- You should now be able to use the project directory for all three -
monodevelope, cvs and the autotools.

Monodevelope might need some more References. Don't know anything about
that yet cause i mainly used it to jump around in beagle code.
How did you do that, Kevin?


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