Re: kde client for beagle

In case I am misunderstood, beagle-search should work in KDE. If you see any 
bugs while using beagle-search in KDE, a bug should be filed. 

Except if you see any problems when you click on a result and beagle-search 
doesnt open the result in the preferred application, or you click on the 
actions for an email and kmail isnt opened, these wont work with 
beagle-search - no point complaining about that (I dont see a 
desktop-independent clean way to solve actions_associated_with_mimetypes, but 
thats my personal opinion). Also, thumbnails might not always work with 
beagle-search in KDE. Apart from the above two problems, everything else 
should work. If you find any bugs, please file them; they should be fixed.

PS: Of course, if you find any bugs in yaBi, file them too, by sending _me_ a 
mail :). You can run $./ --debug to turn on the debug output.

> (Gnome users can move on, nothing to see here :) )
> beagle-fans,
> I hope you are all enjoying the best-beagle-release-so-far and the
> cool new UI. The new UI can do everything one requires and possibly
> more.
> However, some Kde users might be unsatisfied due to the actions
> associated for search results in beagle-search. Possibly,
> beagle-search was written for Gnome desktop; it needs some work to
> make it use kde associations.
> If anybody like me wants a full Kde client, with thumbnails and Kde
> actions for results (e.g. reveal in konqueror, open mail in kmail,
> enqueue in amarok etc.), and is willing to forego some of the coolness
> of beagle-search, then there is a PyKde frontend to beagle called
> yaBi. I wont clutter this space anymore with what it is or what it
> cannot do. For more information, check out its release page at
Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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