Re: kde client for beagle

Hey It's cool dbera.
I have started to hack on it...

The way you can search with nautilus, where you can show more options, and refine it.. something like dynamic widgets to refine more. Do you understand what I mean? Something like this here:

Well I started on something that reminds of that.

Is it okey for me to be a co developer, If I am doing some productive ;)

I mean how can I in a easy way provide you with my hacks on your code?

What do you think about ability to save the search?
Perhaps have an ~.yabi/search_folders folder, and bind an kioslave to browse that?


D Bera wrote:

(Gnome users can move on, nothing to see here :) )
I hope you are all enjoying the best-beagle-release-so-far and the
cool new UI. The new UI can do everything one requires and possibly

However, some Kde users might be unsatisfied due to the actions
associated for search results in beagle-search. Possibly,
beagle-search was written for Gnome desktop; it needs some work to
make it use kde associations.

If anybody like me wants a full Kde client, with thumbnails and Kde
actions for results (e.g. reveal in konqueror, open mail in kmail,
enqueue in amarok etc.), and is willing to forego some of the coolness
of beagle-search, then there is a PyKde frontend to beagle called
yaBi. I wont clutter this space anymore with what it is or what it
cannot do. For more information, check out its release page at

Happy searching,
- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user
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