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Just a small addition, if anyone wants to play with git some, I imported
beagle's CVS repo into a git one available at:
Just for experimentation purposes, if you would like push/write
privileges to the main repo, just let me know and I'll add you.

Kevin Kubasik

Kevin Kubasik wrote:
> I know Joe mentioned this is passing some months ago, but with the
> planned gnome svn migration (that is currently stumbling on some of
> beagle) and a recent post I read on Gnome planet
> I've been thinking about bringing this up for serious discussion.
> First let me say I'm really not set either way, for or against a switch,
> I'm undecided at the moment, but just wanted to get my thoughts out in
> an e-mail and see what everyone else thinks.
> 1) Enforce Desktop-neutral position. If we do migrate to
>, we really do emphasize that the beagle daemon is
> desktop neutral, we could even talk to the kerry folk about migrating
> their work to the official beagle repo, and move beagle-search into its
> own repo. Giving us 3 repos (daemon, gtk interface, qt interface) not a
> bad statement to make with beagle gaining more consideration from major
> distros as a default package.
> 2) Distributed SCM. Migration to fdo means migrating to git, which may
> be a detriment, but to me it seems like a major plus. Over the past
> month an a half or so beagle has seen increasingly decentralzied/branch
> based development. I know I have 3 local bzr branches with projects I'm
> working on, dBera has the beagle-cutting-edge branch, and Joe is working
> in the distributed index branch. Maybe its time we embrace this style of
> development and look at a distributed SCM. Migration is not a big issue
> as git can import from cvs fairly seamlessly (I tried it on our repo, no
> errors, some mis-timestamped log messages due to server clock skew, but
> all said and done, a clean import.)
> 3) Timing. I'm sure ross would have issue if we asked that the beagle
> module in cvs be archived and not migrated to svn. We don't really use
> many gnome specific services (like except for ftp, which
>  is extremely simple to switch to fdo. The largest hitch would be
> account setup for those of us that have gnome cvs write access, but no
> account at fdo.
> 4) Mailing List Migration. Maybe well finally create a beagle-devel
> mailing list and revert dashboard-hackers to dashboard development? Just
> a thought, it would take some time to update all the places its
> mentioned, but it feels like it might be time ;)
> 5) Pain In The Ass. Simply put, moving/migrating all this stuff will be
> a pain in the ass, and may not justify the smaller (mostly
> image/developer convenience based) advantages that we would gain. Moving
> means a few days where development slows or halts, people may have
> problems getting in touch with us, etc etc. To some extent I can
> alleviate part of this if we did the migration some time this week
> (highly unlikely) or one of the first 2 weeks of January when I am out
> of classes and could be available for a whole day or 2 to coordinate al
> of the migration efforts but still, its a major pain.
> 6) Bug system. We currently use the Gnome Bugzilla, I don't know a lot
> about bugzilla migrations and the like, but it seems like we would
> probably be starting fresh with the fdo bugzilla, and would either have
> to manually migrate or lose a lot of info in the gnome bugzilla, another
> downer.
> 7) Loss of Gnome Community etc. Gnome is pretty cool, I love Gnome, I
> love Gnome hackers, I love gnome infrastructure, I love most things
> about Gnome. If we move, we lose a lot of that Gnome coolness. I don't
> have a much better way to quantify/describe it, but it sucks to lose it.
> Obviously this isn't a comprehensive or organized list, but its just a
> between-exam brainfart that I had and felt like sharing when I saw the
> renewed Gnome SVN Migration plans (were looking at a dec 29th cutoff).
> Please feel free to contribute ideas, thoughts or rampant flaming
> opinions, I take none of this personally its just a thought.
> Cheers,
> Kevin Kubasik
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