Re: Subversion migration


Beagle has been migrated to Subversion from CVS. Hooray! I've already spent a few hours today cleaning up the source tree, moving old code out of the way and renaming some inaccurately-named files. I've done a couple test builds that work for me.

The rest of GNOME is still being merged, and probably will be for about another 24 hours. Fortunately Beagle is pretty self-contained. It is still possible, although very unlikely, that the migration will fail and have to be rolled back, so I'd still like everyone to hold of committing for the next day or so. Small stuff only, please.

There are still a few glitches in the system. ViewCVS is pretty hit-and-miss for me:

CIA has updated stats for individuals:

but not for projects:

If you have a GNOME account, you can check out Beagle like so:

    svn co svn+ssh://

or, if not:

    svn co

or, if http won't work for whatever reason:

    svn co svn://

I've also updated the main references of CVS to Subversion on the wiki, so you can also find this information there.

One thing to note: now that we're on Subversion and commits are atomic, I am planning on generating the ChangeLog from the "svn log" output. So instead of updating the ChangeLog file when you commit, please simply provide a detailed description in your commit message. That will make things easier to track.


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