Subversion migration


As you may know, Beagle is hosted in GNOME CVS. Tomorrow, the 29th, at 23:59 GMT, GNOME will start the migration to Subversion. This is great news for Beagle, which has suffered with the shortcomings of CVS for quite some time.

During the migration, non-anonymous GNOME CVS will not be available. Anonymous CVS should continue to work throughout the migration. When the migration is finished, CVS will be reenabled, but in a read-only mode. It is probably a good idea for anyone who has local changes in their CVS trees to make diffs before the migration happens.

Modules will be converted in the order of their activity over the last 3 years. Beagle is number 13 on the list. Based on a recent test migration (in which Beagle was #18), it will probably take about 12 hours before Beagle is migrated.

My understanding is that it will be usable as soon as it has finished migrating, but I would like to ask developers to PLEASE NOT COMMIT to the tree for a couple of days following the migration. Beagle has large amounts of dead code in its tree, and I would like to take this opportunity to rearrange the source tree and clean things up. This will be quite a bit more difficult if people are committing in different places.

There is a small possibility that the migration will fail, as it did in a previous attempt in July. If that happens, we'll just continue as we were on CVS.

I will try to email the list with updates, as I will be watching the migration closely. To watch the migration yourself and get the latest news on its progress, check out the GNOME Wiki page about it:


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