Re: Static index - questions

Hi Kevin,

I've fetched the latest beagle version from CVS this morning and applied
Kevin's patch manually to BuildIndex.cs. Mono is still 1.2.2.

I've put 3 GB data from CDs and DVDs kinda "10 years of Linux Magazine"
and several ebooks in a directory outside of my $HOME and started to
build a static index from scratch. I traced everything in a logfile and
after finishing (it took about 40 minutes on a P4 with 3GHz and 1GB RAM)
I looked out/grep-ped for "System.Exceptions".

Almost all of the exceptions were wrongly named JPGs which are GIF's or
BMP's actually, or vice versa. BTW, the tools of the ImageMagick package
identifies them correctly, even when the file is corrupted and/or the
suffix of the file name is wrong - beagle/gmime seems to depend too much
on the file name's suffix.

Common System:Exception messages are:
   Invalid file Type, not a JPEG file
   Invalid Marker (for JPG files)
   Invalid PNG magic number

Other exceptions could be fixed easily, e.g.: a file with the suffix "tgz"
was just a "tar". But none of them led to a stop of indexing.

Well, it does not help with the "null file objects".
Kind regards,

Kevin Kubasik wrote:

I don't know if this is related, but there have been issues with the
1.2.x series, I think most of them were fixed in 1.2.2, but maybe we
just uncovered another. However, while this is helpful, is there any way
you could give us a little more context we can fix the underlying
problem, which is null file objects, however, that said. The attached
patch _should_ stop the crash and allow you to keep indexing. If you get
more errors please attach them as well.

Kevin Kubasik

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