Re: Reindexing of KonqHistory, KonqBookmark, KAddressBook, Kopete backends

> KonqHistory, KonqBookmark, KAddressBook, Kopete backends are being
> re-indexed. Is this expected due to inability to determine the DateTime
Add to that list KMail.

Ok. It could mean all the backends except file and static. I will have
a look at it.
Just a note on the technical part: all this sudden datetime problem is
partly due to faulty datetime design in .Net-1.0. Beagle was using the
faulty design in an incorrect way and everything was working; except
at one place. While trying to fix that one place, I noticed how beagle
was incorrectly handling datetimes and then (stupidly) decided to
correct the code. One fix broke some already working code and this
lead to a cascading effect. All of these would be easily fixable when
we switch to the .Net-2.0 profile, but we need a correct working code
for the upcoming release. Hence all these problems.

I probably have two options at this point. Go ahead and change the
code to do the correct thing, which means things could start breaking
at other places. That was one reason Joe called for a testing. Other
option is to revert the changes and keep everything working till we
switch to the .Net-2.0 profile. Possibly the tiny bug that started the
whole thing would need to be hacked and fixed, but thats better than
breaking everything else.
I will see what is best depending on how far my changes have affected
other changes.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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