FAQ for thunderbird issues


Not sure where I should post this, but this may help some folks in the future who have thunderbird indexing issues.

Q1: Beagle just doesn't index your .thunderbird directory
A1: Check for a .mozilla-thunderbird directory. Beagle will index this directory and ignore .thunderbird if it exists. Solution is to remove the .mozilla-thunderbird directory (assuming your data is in .thunderbird).

Q2: Beagle search tries to create new email account when email item clicked on. A2: If you have both mozilla-thunderbird application over thunderbird application on your system, Beagle will use mozilla-thunderbird. This will ask to create a new account and will create a .mozilla-thunderbird directory (which will break the searching as the above question). Solution is to remove the mozilla-thunderbird application.

Thanks for the great work with Beagle.



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