Re: Call to test CVS


On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 00:13 +0100, kfs1 online no wrote:
> Ok put this up  
> here:  
> for all archlinux users.

Great, thanks!

> beagled --fg did complain about not having extended attributes(although  
> i'm using xfs...) is this because of the noatime option i have in  
> /etc/fstab? I included a short log of the startup.

No, this is because of a bug in Mono 1.2 which broke xattrs.

1.2.1 fixes this bug, but introduces a new bug that causes Beagle to
think that your home directory is on NFS and performs its index
synchronization to /tmp.  That shouldn't harm anything, but will make
Beagle quite a bit slower.  However, CVS Beagle has a workaround for
this, and this bug is fixed in Mono 1.2.2.


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