Re: Kio-beagle, Virtual Folders.

Hi Joel,

I know that dBera is coding something called kwest, but as I see there
hasn't been so mucha activity on that part in the kde svn.
And what I remeber kwest was going to provide the possibility to make
virtual folders.

Heh! No more. Kwest was an effort to make an unified kio-slave for
beagle and kio-clucene. kio-clucene already had some nice UI features
(like virtual folders) that I was thinking of reusing. But the merge
didnot turn out to be as elegant as we thought, and for various other
technical reasons, the project died.
Currently kio-beagle is also in a just-works state. I try to keep it
compatible with beagle but I havent worked on it for a long time :(

I couldn't wait any longer so I downloaded kio-beagle 0.3.1 and
started hacking around a little, cause Virtual Folders is a feature
that I really want and find useful.

The 'wizard' for creting a virtual folder is hackish, but I am just
having this temporary for testing step by step the features I'm

Pictures, but no source yet - they can be seen at

They look quite good. Thanks. Let me know when you are done. If you
want, I'd be happy to add your changes to kio-beagle.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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