Only some directories indexed

Indexing is over, as it's been two or three days, and the beagle-index-info command says 'Indexing - false' for 'files'.

I'm enclosing the log you referred to: .beagle/Log/2006-08-29-22-04-32-IndexHelper. (The 'current' one was a symlink, as I'm sure you're aware).

I don't understand it, but I do understand that there is crashing at the end:
~$ sudo less /home/jackn/.beagle/Log/2006-08-29-22-04-32-IndexHelper | grep Exiting
060829 2244457031 18783 IndexH DEBUG: Exiting

As to the answer about there being no Backends file, does it mean that if I don't use an email client, I needn't worry about it?!



Haïm Roïtgrund

Attachment: 2006-08-29-22-04-32-IndexHelper
Description: Binary data

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