searches in only some directories and no /beagle/Backends file

Sincere thanks to Joe Shaw at Novell. I get it.

a. I've asked beagle to index everything (except for the /proc directory, and I don't know whether this was necessary). It finds stuff in my home directory and in the /user/share directory.
It doesn't seem to access any other directory. For example, I've looked up the contents of two files, one in /dev and one in /var, and used some strings from them in a beagle-query. No results...
Furthermore, all searches so far only yield results, very good results, in my home directory and in /usr/share.
Further testing:
~$ beagle-query file | grep ^/usr | grep ^home
yields nada. If it's neither in /home nor in /usr, that is, Beagle won't know about it.
~$ beagle-query file | grep usr | less,
on the other hand, yields tons of stuff, of course.

b. beagled --list-backends
Current available backends:
Debug: '/usr/lib/beagle/Backends' is not a directory: Nothing loaded from here

There is simply nothing by that name in my filesystem. And I've seen references to it, I'm quite sure, on this mailing list. It seems important. What should and can I do to set this right?

Haïm Roïtgrund

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